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By Nahwand Jaff

200 x 263mm / 60pp
Perfect bound stapled sections
+ 12pp Booklet
Swiss-bound / Claret colorplan cover with pocket

2x Digital Xerox sections / Munken Pure Rough 120gsm
1x Risograph section / White ink on Black Wibalin 120gsm

140x 210mm stapled booklet / 120gsm Eco Kraft Buff.
Includes images, a text by Mashuq Kurt and a detailed index by the photographer

Out of Place Books 2023
Printed and bound at Holodeck Birmingham

The photos in this book were made between February 16th and 27th, 2023, across a journey from Kayseri to Adana, Adiyaman (Semsûr), Gaziantep (Dîlok/Eyntab), and Hatay

'As we crossed the valleys by 4x4 into the affected areas, we were in disbelief of the changing landscape. Often arriving at night, we were met with cities in a state of emergency, barren buildings and streets almost completely devoid of any light. Our time was filled with locating supplies from neighbouring areas due to the emptied markets as displaced residents waited for the state’s intervention. The despair and anger could be felt by survivors, volunteers and local political parties as we moved between cities.'

We will be donating 100% of the profits to provide earthquake relief for the victims via Humanitet.

By Anthony Luvera

280 x 210mm / 124 pp
Exposed thread bound
translucent dust jacket
Grain Projects 2024

This important book commemorates 20 years of Anthony Luvera working with people experiencing homelessness nationally and provides an opportunity to contribute to SIFA Fireside’s fundraising for their important work in the homelessness sector.

The CONSTRUCT publication is about collaboration and representation as Luvera attempts to shift the narratives surrounding homelessness, and bring to light how these problems are amplified through the way that society is structured. The process of making the work is as much a part of the practice as the outcomes, with traditional uses of photography being disrupted to create a more nuanced representation of the participants and the experience of homelessness. This book contains Assisted Self-Portraits, photographs created by participants, documentation of Luvera and participants working together and newly commissioned writing which expounds his pioneering approach to socially engaged practice and reflects on the right to housing in the UK today.

Designed by Chris Neophytou of Out of Place Books, the publication comes in a translucent dust jacket, is 124 pages, 280 x 210mm in portrait format and will be printed by Taylor Brothers in Bristol.

Maverick Sabre:
Lonely are the Brave
By Nahwand Jaff

200mm x 280mm / 64 pages / Silk 130gsm / Cover Uncoated 190gsm
Sabre Books 2023
This photobook project was built around Nahwand Jaffs’ documentation of the Maverick Sabre: Lonely are the Brave 2023 tour. The book was availble at some of the private gigs and launch partys asociated with the release of the Live album recorded at KOKO London

The Planting of a Fig Tree
by Chris Neophytou

A5 / 148mm x 210mm
68 pages / PUR bound
100gsm Recycled natural
G.F Smith Gmund Bier cover
Lino cut by Luke Sewell

The term ‘diaspora’ has its etymological roots in the greek word ‘διασπείρω’ (diaspeírō) a word meaning to scatter, ‘dia’ a prefix indicating motion in all directions and speírō, “to sow”. All immigrant communities have a relationship with distance, A sense of both physical and spiritual separation. This distance becomes increasingly intricate with the arrival of each generation, the growth and assimilation of one community into another.

There are more than 300,000 people of Cypriot ancestry in the UK, 15,000-20,000 reside in the midlands, with a thriving community in Birmingham. The Covid-19 crisis has brought with it a new form of distance. Families are isolating together and apart, adjusting to changes in working conditions and new challenges are being faced in practicing faith and traditions. The community searches for ways to connect.

The seeds sown by the first generation and cultivated ever since; the community centre, the churches, the weddings, christenings, the traditions manifested in family dinners, food, music and storytelling; places where that distance could be ever so slightly closed, where home can be found away from home, are now places that lay empty and seemingly lost. Where once people gathered loudly there is now a stillness, a quiet emptiness that seems to find its way into these photographs.

Scattered 3373km from Cyprus we have not only planted the seeds of our culture into our community we have in many cases physically planted seeds. Almost every Cypriot I know has a fig tree, almost certainly an olive tree and probably a sprawling grape vine. Although the community may find it difficult to share a crowded dinner table on Sundays, or hug and kiss grandchildren after church, it is a shared culture, a shared identity, and shared relationship with distance that has kept the community together.

Grass Roots
by Hark1Karan

140mm x 210mm
44 pages / Saddle Stitch
120gsm uncoated
Printed Dust-jacket
Out of Place Books 2023

Cover by Nirbhai (Nep) Singh Sidhu
Includes three small art works by The Royal Jesters, Gagandeep (Kalirai) Chahal & Manvz

These photos were taken in the Black Country town of Smethick in Sandwell, West Midlands. These allotments lie on a steady slant tucked away in the residential heart of Smethwick. Stony Lane runs along the bottom, leading you to the main road where you can see the Guru Nanak Gurdwara. The allotment community here is made up of Punjabi Sikhs who settled in the Midlands for work in the 60s and 70s. Many of the retired men and some women come here to harvest crops like their ancestors back in Punjab. The space they have created is unique to them with their decorated huts where they can spend time in solitude or with friends. It keeps them connected, stimulated, active and more importantly talking to one another. An all round healthy environment where you feel a sense of community, and a home away from home in more ways than one.

Thank you to Harjinder Singh Rana and Talvinder Kaur Rana for allowing me to capture the allotments and, everyone for their hospitality and warmth during my two visits in May and August 2021. Thank you Chris Neophytou, Out Of Place Books, Nahwand Jaff, Daniel Esteban, Tom Yip, Anjali Barot, Priya Barot, Nirbhai Singh Sidhu (Nep Sidhu), Manveer Kaur Matharu (MamaManvz), Mandeep Singh Kalsi, Jagmohan Singh Villkhu (The Royal Jesters), ACV Magazine and Connor Rankin - Hark1karan

Mons Calpe
by Grant Archer 

Two books
Book 1 32pp
Book 2 28pp
A5/148mm x 210mm
100% recycled card slipcase
Digital Print
150gsm Uncoated
Saddle stitched (stapled)
Out of Place Books 2019

This project was an attempt to explore and document the territory of Gibraltar in a way that looked beyond the usual geopolitical controversies that surround it and would instead offer a glimpse into the minutiae of life and environment on the peninsula.

At 6.8km2 and dominated by a rock face honeycombed with tunnels and caves the territory is a busy blend of old fortifications and military hardware, rapidly encroached on by the new money, the glass and steel of offices and apartments.

The debate of territory and ownership as a response might be impossible to get away from but non the less this has been an honest attempt to show life as it currently is in Gibraltar.

The books are made of two series of photographs shot using different equipment in the same location over an extended period of time. As much as this is a book about Gibraltar it is a book about photography and approaches to documenting ‘place’

Modern Muse
by Arpita Shah

125mm x 180mm
72pp / PUR bound
120gsm uncoated  
G.F Smith colorplan Dust Jacket
G.F Smith colorplan Slipcase
Grain Projects 2023

The book is housed in a laser-cut slipcase that incorporates a Jali screen pattern. The book cover includes a G.F Smith colorplan the dust jacket with a laser-cut aperture that frames the cover portrait. The dust jacket is printed on the spine and back with gold ink using Risograph. The title text is set in Grafton designed by Andreas Neophytou Dust-jacket and slipcase both produced at Holodeck. The inner flaps of the dust jacket contrast against a version of the jali design printed on the inside covers. Each section of the book is marked by beautiful little chapter ornaments designed and linocut by Luke Sewell

Design and layout by Chris Neophytou

The Dragon that Ascended to the Heavens
by Jonjo Borrill

A5/148mm x 210mm
80 pages (two books each 40pp) / 120 gsm
saddle stitched
Double gatefold/swiss bound card cover
Orange paper slip
Out of Place Books 2022

‘Legend has it that many years ago a dragon lived upon the largest island amongst an archipelago in the East Sea. Upon ascending to the heavens, it destroyed all but two islands, leaving behind Ulleungdo and Dokdo.

A Korean proverb teaches that three generations must accumulate virtue to visit Dokdo. Once getting past that first step the second challenge becomes crossing the sea; ferries are often turned back and held in the port, and on the best days even the strongest of sea legs would find the crossing unforgiving’.

Concept, design, edit and sequence by Chirs Neophytou

Cover design and typographical elements by Andreas Neophytou

True love still exists by Melissa Laree Cunningham.

150mm x 100mm
44pp / concertina
120gsm Munken / Digital Print
Citrine 270gsm cover / Risograph

A series of images made in Dallas, Texas in a sensitive, personal and diaristic visual language. Melissa Laree Cunningham follows the ebb and flow of everyday life, combining the intensely personal with the overlooked and unremarkable details of the world around her.
Concept, design, edit and sequence by Chirs Neophytou
Le Bout du Monde
by Aurélie Monnier

280 x 210mm
44 pages / Saddle Stitched
100gsm Uncoated / Digital Print
Cairn Eco White 300gsm / Slip Cover

'We follow the river for about fifteen kilometers from the city to get here. Only one road to come and go. Wedged between the levees of two rivers in a flood zone, this place is nicknamed “The End of the World” Aurélie revisits the landscape she grew up in, exploring the topography with her camera. The series takes in themes around nature and urbanisation set against a backdrop of memory and belonging.'

Design and layout by Chris Neophytou
Balance in Absence
By Kieran Liggins

A5/148mm x 210mm
40 pages / Uncoated 140gsm
Saddle stitched
Crimson Mottled 120gsm Dust-Jacket
Risograph with gold Theromgraphic ink
OOP16 2020

I saw an opportunity to see physical change in the world around me. I saw an opportunity to integrate myself within a different culture, to be part of a community that is not my own.

I searched in the act of photographing and the language of images to translate something about my experience, something personal, something concrete, something I could build and share.

I was drawn to a notion that the people and the place were closely integrated and it guided me as I developed the photographs for this project

I wanted to declaim my obsession with building atmosphere and creating a fabricated space out of an existing one. however being in this new environment, surrounded by the rich textures and rhythms of rural Nepal, allowed me to document rather than create.

I hope this finds you safe and well
by Phil Hill

A5/148mm x 210mm / 40 pages
Uncoated 150gsm / Saddle stitched
Card softcover with risograph
Typography by Andreas Neophytou
OOP18 2021 

Watford, a commuter town between city and countryside. My project aims to explore connection and identity of a community in the middle of these two spaces.

Design and layout by Chris Neophytou

As still as a stone lion
by Daniel Lyttleton

210 × 297 millimeters
40 pages
Saddle stitched (Stapled)
Digital Printing
Risograph two colour sleeve
Typographical elements by Andreas Neophytou
Edition of 60
OOP19 2021

'The second publication from a personal study of the physical and cultural landscape of stoke-on-Trent, the place I live, bound by family, past and present.

I park up and walk, inhaling the city but remaining detached from it. Poverty is palpable at every turn, with layers of heritage exhausted by a new attempt of capitalism. I revel in this realism, wandering and collecting parts of that experience - the photographs.

During the making of these photographs, the political landscape of Stoke shifted, and acquired the nickname The Brexit capital. This was not the motivation here but perhaps it influenced what was already a personal and subjective response.'

Design and layout by Chris Neophytou Joseph Lilly & Daniel Lyttleton.
The Spaghetti
Chris Neophytou

A5/148mm x 210mm
40 pages
Saddle stitched (stapled)
120gsm uncoated
Edition of 50

More than just linked roadways, flyovers and undercrofts, The Spaghetti Junction is deeply tied to the history of Birmingham.

Gravelly Hill Interchange, better known throughout the UK by its nickname Spaghetti Junction, is junction 6 of the M6 motorway where it meets the Aston Expressway in the Gravelly Hill area of Birmingham, England. The interchange was opened on 24 May 1972.

Although so much of the design of Gravelly Hill Interchange is determined by the need to link roads through several built-up areas with the minimum demolition and disruption, its structure has taken on a distinct aesthetic quality.

The Spaghetti Junction is a living and constantly changing part of the city, by turns hidden and revealed by nature, graffiti and perpetual maintenance. This book is a kind of poem about the Gravelly Hill Interchange

for Grain Projects and Appetite

A5/148mm x 210mm
36 ppp / Saddle-stitched
Swiss bound Card Cover with Risograph

Photo Play is a book of pictures and photography activities for children and young people focusing on play.

In the summer of 2021 GRAIN and Appetite led a series of workshops with children, young people and families in Chesterton, Cobridge, Cross Heath, Kidsgrove and Middleport, in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The images that feature in this book were made by the children and young people who took part in the workshops using disposable cameras, undertaking tasks like the ones you will find in this zine.

The publication was distributed for free to young people in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Design and layout by Chris Neophytou