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Cyprus, officially known as 'The Republic of Cyprus' is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. At the time of this project the population was estimated to be 1.1 million. The official languages of the Island are Greek and Turkish. The everyday spoken language of Greek Cypriots is Cypriot Greek and that of Turkish Cypriots is Cypriot Turkish. These vernaculars both differ from the official languages significantly. The Republic of Cyprus is 'de facto' partitioned into two main parts; the area under effective control of the republic in the south, and the Turkish-controlled area in the North calling itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and recognised only by Turkey. Cyprus has a rich history dating back to the palaeolithic period and has been invaded and occupied many times. It was known in ancient times for it's copper. The sun shines for at least nine months of the year and the island is very popular with tourists. It is the place my grandparents were born.